The Anointed Voices
Is designed for persons in ministry ages 18 and over. This is the church’s main church and is required to travel with ministry when our Bishop is ministering out. The Anointed Voices is currently under the musical direction of Minister of Music

The A. J. Ford, Sr. Youth Choir
Is designed for the children of our ministry ages 2 -17. This group of children is a direct extension of our Children’s Church Ministry

The Bishop’s Choir
Is designed for the seasoned saints of ministry over age 25. This chorus is noted for its style of music ministry – traditional church gospel music. This choir ministers on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

FMT Praise Singers
A group of singers specifically selected to minister in our Worship and Praise portion of ministry.

Greeters Department
The Senior Usher Board – for persons in ministry over age 25. The Young Adult Usher Board – for persons over age 15. The Male Usher Board – specifically designed for the men of FMT. The Children’s Usher Board – an extension of the Children’s Church Ministry for children ages 5 and up

The Hospitality Department (Hosts/Hostesses)
The doorkeepers and greeters of our members and guests, these persons also serve during special events.

The Nurses Unit
Called to assist our Senior Pastor and the saints of the church in any needs that they may have during services. They specialize in first aid and serving the people of the ministry.

The Security Team
In a day and a time such as this, the security ministry is very important. Though we believe God to be our ultimate protector, there are individuals who He places in the Body of Christ and to who He gives eyes to see the devil and his workers from afar. It is individuals such as this that are needed to secure our leader, our leaders, and the general membership.

The Trustee Board
By appointment only. This group’s responsibility is to manage by assignment of the Senior Pastor specific affairs of the ministry.

The Men’s Ministry
Serves to enrich the lives of the men within the church and the community via retreats, prayers, symposiums and other areas deemed necessary to assist in the proper development of God’s men. It is increasingly important that our men be strengthened to war against the many, many issues facing men today. The Men’s Ministry was formed to give opportunities to men in regards to fellowship, teaching sessions, men’s health issues, parenting, church conduct and the like. All the men of FMT are asked to be an active part of the Men’s Ministry.

God’s Champions
Serves to provide development and mentoring to young boys ranging from the age of six to sixteen years of age. This ministry also spearheads programs and projects that stimulate interest and Christian growth through spiritual, educational and sports related activities.

The Women’s Ministry
The sole purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to give nourishment to the women of the body to their fleshly, emotional and spiritual well being.

Singles Fellowship
The purpose of the Singles Ministry is clear. We will equip singles for service through inspirational gatherings and publications and assist singles in bringing confidence and security in their single state. Their lives have peculiar circumstances and challenges that have intensified in modern times. We will provide fellowship through social opportunities with other Christian singles ministries both locally and nationally.

The Audio Ministry
The audio department of FMT is responsible for having quality sound at all events in and pertaining to FMT. Inclusive of this department’s responsibilities is the recording and marketing of the sermons preached by our Bishop and Senior Pastor. Audio tapes/CDs/DVDs/Videos and other Christian materials are available on a weekly basis through this ministry.

Evangelism and Outreach
The Evangelism Department is a very vital department within the ministry. This ministry is the heartbeat of the church. The Evangelism Department’s responsibility is to witness to those who may not attend regular church services. It is their job to spread the word through the street, jail, schools, hospitals and convalescent homes and any place where they can be an effective witness. For if we cease to evangelize, we will eventually die.

The Harvest Ministry
This extension of the outreach ministry is designed to minister to the homeless and destitute in our community. The Harvest Ministry feeds and clothes each month those who are less fortunate, and in addition, compel men and women to come into the house of God.

Balm In Gilead Ministry
The Balm In Gilead Ministry is another avenue by which we are supporting the holistic ministry vision of Ford Memorial Temple. It’s primary goal is to meet the social service needs of the membership. The following are a few of the issues that we seek to assist our members with higher education assistance, emergency food, emergency shelter, rental assistance, resume writing skills, health insurance issues, and employment searches just to name a few. The question was asked is there a Balm in Gilead? The answer is yes!

Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Is responsible for all youth between the ages of 13 and 35. To ensure that we lose none of our youth to the wiles of society, the youth ministry plans activities for the young people to keep them active in the church while teaching them Christian values.

Lil Temple Ministry (Children’s Church)
Is responsible for the spiritual growth and edification of children ages 2 to 16. This is accomplished through weekly children’s church services and special events that showcase our children. The Lil Temple staff does not teach children to imitate adults, but rather the principles and the importance of living a holy and sanctified life by accepting Jesus at an early age.

The Girlz of Essence
This fellowship is especially designed for young ladies of color ranging from ages 5 to 18 years of age. These fellowships meet (2) Saturdays each month, and the ultimate endeavor is to uncover unique qualities they possess and provide a positive atmosphere and environment where young ladies from all walks of life can come together to learn and share through instruction and life application.

The Christian Education Ministry
The purpose of the Education Department is to teach God’s word which will promote evangelism, emulate Christian behavior, maintain unity, and encourage spiritual growth. This is accomplished by formal and informal classes such as Word Enhancement Class, Christian Education and Empowerment, as well as children and teen classes. The goal is to get every member of FMT into some sort of Bible study.

Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry is designed to minister to the married couples in our ministry. The Marriage Ministry will host seminars that minister to the couple along with occasional retreats and special workshops designed to minister to every aspect of the marries couples life.

The Missionary Ministry
This extension of the outreach ministry is designed to minister to the sick and shut-in. This ministry does home visitation, hospital visitation, and assist in whatever capacity needed to those unable to attend church services, as well as special needs during their time of shut-in. Visitation is also made to convalescent homes, jails, shelters and the like and ultimately minister through prayer, witnessing and in-home care.

The Mother’s Board
The role of a church Mother is indeed one of great importance and a must for a growing church. The Mother’s Board is called to minister to the general population of the church according to Titus 2:4-5.

The Creative Arts Ministry
Serves as a catalyst for developing, nurturing and encouraging artists to use their talents in service for Christ, through theatrical productions, liturgical dance, mime and the spoken word.

The Mentoring Ministry
This ministry is to help young people realize their personal goals and dreams. Their mission is to promote spiritual development, to encourage young people to excel in academics and by fostering positive social interactions.